Jyambere (Encouraging development) is committed to (likely) poor children in smaller towns in Rwanda who have no access to education because of circumstances.

Location of the project: Mahoko

The organization wants to carry out its activities in rural Rwanda. The children from these places are often not reached by mainstream aid projects. Much of the current aid projects namely to settle in cities. Jyambere searching for underprivileged children in smaller cities where many children are being forgotten. They go through what reason does not (always) to school. Mahoko is in the north of Rwanda.


Nieuwsbrief oktober 2022

Het nieuwe schooljaar is inmiddels begonnen. Jyambere heeft weer bedragen overgemaakt naar de beide gebieden. Door de inflatie van 16% zijn de kosten hoger dan voorgaande jaren. Wij hopen dat u de kinderen blijft steunen. U bent ook de ambassadeur van deze stichting. Vertel erover aan familie, collega’s en kennissen. Veel leesplezier. Klik hier.


On behalf of Kabaya Catholic Christian community, we would like to sincerely thank all partners, benefactors and members of JYA MBERE foundation who generally participated in  buying the school materials for 35 pupils in primary studies and  particularly in paying the school fees for 3 orphan Children ( NAYITURIKI Valentine, MANIRIHO Domina and TUMUSIFU Joice) Lees meer

Travel report July 2015

Mr. Tautvydas Totò Rindzevicius (Toto) from July 8 to July 31 visited the project in Rwanda and pursued the sponsored children. Toto is Swedish and has Jyambere approached because he wanted to volunteer to contribute to the goals of Jyambere. He has done a lot of work in Rwanda and has an extensive record of this. He Lees meer

Our objective

Our goal is to give underprivileged children in Mahoko the opportunity to go to school, as stated in the second millennium goal “by 2015, all children to school”. We agreed to start as a small scale project and to aid more children if the project succeeds.

About us

The foundation Jyambere (“encouraging development”) is committed to underprivileged children in Rwanda, who have no access to education. The project is located in Mahoko, a town in northern Rwanda. We deliberately chose a small town in rural Rwanda. Children in such areas are namely often not reached by the regular aid projects because these usually focus on the larger cities, particularly the capital Kigali. To achieve this objective, we first need to provide basic needs for these children. This includes the financial support of the (foster) parents so that the children have shelter, food and clothing, basic needs to go to school. We also support them in the purchase of school supplies and school uniforms. This support continues until a child has finished school. During mid-term evaluations, the cooperation and school results of the children are reviewed with Caritas. If the collaboration runs smoothly and our financial resources are sufficient, we look at the possibility to help more children to go to school.


You can support our project by transfer your donation to our bank account NL76ABNA0570184495, attn. Stichting Jyambere, Schiedam.

Jyambere is considered by the tax administration as a General Tax Benefit Institution (ANBI). This means you can deduct donations to us from the tax.